Standard Slide 3D - beta

Step 1: Select amount of guides.
1 guide
2 guides
Step 2: Select size of sliding plate.
Tip: You can always get back to this step and change your selection
Step 3: Select slide or slide support
Slide or slide support can be wider than sliding plate
Tip: You can select a different set of sliding plate in the previous step
to see different slide or slide support
Step 4: Select length of cylindrical guide
Custom length of cylindrical guide (L)
Integrated slide retainer
Integrated slide retainer
Integrated slide retainer
Round slide retainer
Flange for hydraulic cylinder
Flange for slide docking
Flange for hydraulic cylinder
Round slide retainer
Tang for slide retainer
The system you selected is provided with the integrated slide retaining device
The solution you chose is not provided with any slide retaining system
We recommend you to select the integrated slide retainer or to select extended cylindrical guide as so to add the round slide retainer
Step 6: Please fill in with your contact details
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Download: Complete model
Amount of configurations